“I just wanted to bury my son in the Hebron cemetery.” – Sarah Nachshon


Hebron resident Sarah Nachshon recalls the tragic death of her infant son and her unwavering determination to see him buried in the ancient cemetery in Hebron.


Sarah Nachshon was denied permission to bury her child in the Jewish cemetery in Hebron, but she was not deterred. She took matters into her own hands, picked up the body of her dead baby, and made her way towards the ancient cemetery in Hebron.

Thanks to her incredible determination and commitment, even in her intense grief, Sarah was able to overcome all the opposition to bury her child in the ancient cemetery of Hebron. Nachshon describes the closing of a big circle of history; “Abraham acquired a burial plot for his wife Sarah here in Hebron. And I, Sarah acquired a burial plot for my son Avraham after more than 3.000 years.”

This emotional story is a great example of Jewish life in Hebron.

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