Hebron Named Top Must See Attraction in Israel


The Jerusalem Post places Hebron as #1 of the Top Ten Places to Visit in Israel!

With Israeli tourism on the rise, compilations of best spots to visit are also. The Jerusalem Post features Hebron as #1 Must-See Attraction.

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Tower of David

So you’ve booked your tickets to Israel, confirmed those kids meals on the flight and are ready for take-off. But before you finalize that itinerary for the Holy Land, make sure you include the following must-see sites that’ll stay in your family album for generations.

1. Hebron -The second Holiest Site in Israel (and kid-friendly)

Wait, How did Hebron make the list?…Aside from the Maarat Hamachpela, the burial site of Abraham and Sarah, there’s actually a lot of attractions for kids!

These include a 4-D Movie Ride – an interactive educational adventure with moving seats and special effects. Then you can head over to the 360-degree lookout point for a view of the entire city.

Did you know: Hebron is the second holiest and most historic city in Israel (after Jerusalem). That’s why 700,000 tourists a year visit this ancient town. Additionally, Hebron was the first capital of Israel. The Maarat Hamachpela also hosts the tombs of Isaac and Rebecca, as well as Jacob and Leah. It is the oldest structure on the planet that’s still being used today for the same original purpose it was designed for!

The Hebron Fund is the official tour operator of the city and the most popular choice of tourists. Their private buses leave from the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem making it super easy for families to travel with their kids! Their expert guides ensure that the day is not only educational but fun and meaningful for individuals, families, and groups. Hebron is located about an hour’s drive south of Jerusalem. Click here to view the open tour dates and book your tour.

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Caption: Tourists enjoy the popular 4D movie ride at the new Museum and Visitors Center

2.  Become a Sharp Shooter at Caliber 3 Shooting Range (Gush Etzion)

Caliber 3 Shooting Range

If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best! All of Caliber 3’s instructors are weapons experts who have seen combat and are still active reservists in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Interact with them and hear their stories about places and operations that you have read about in the news. You can choose from Caliber 3’s shooting adventure, paintball, survival training, and self-defense/krav maga or a customized event. Whichever you choose, there is something for children and grown-ups of all ages.

3. Discover ancient vessels in an archaeological dig (Bet Guvrin)

Archaeological dig Bet Guvrin

For a great family activity, help out on an archaeological excavation in underground caves from the time of the Maccabees. After your excavation, tour the cave complexes and see an ancient olive press and water cisterns. Finish at the pottery shed and see for yourself some of the most important and rare finds.

4. Volunteer at Pantry Packers (Jerusalem)

Volunteer at Pantry Packers

Volunteer for a day at Colel Chabad’s Pantry Packers – not only is it a good deed to help those in need, but it can also be fun! Pantry Packers will show you how to properly package foodstuff that will be sent to Israel’s neediest families. Show your kids the importance of helping others and have fun while doing it.. Just a 15-minute drive from the Inbal Hotel!

5. Kayaking at Kfar Blum

Kayaking at Kfar Blum

Spend the day kayaking along the Galilee’s cleanest and greenest river. Kfar Blum Kayaks offer many exciting recreational challenges. You may enjoy the “standard route”, rafting down the beautiful clear Hatzbani stream, later merging with the Banias stream, featuring a fun little water rapids surprise. The more hard-core thrill seekers will undoubtedly choose the “long route”, which takes you on the furthest, most adventurous water-route in the Galilee.

Many kayakers prefer Kfar Blum over the competition. That’s because their bus route ensures that their customers go directly to their car instead of the usual sitting in a wet bathing suit on the bus like other companies will often have their patrons do. It is also one of the more popular kayaking spots up north.

Afterward, you won’t want to miss the Top Rope- Adventure Park, featuring a gigantic, all level 40-foot high Climbing Wall, the 300 feet zip-line, or the 20 different rope bridges. The top rope is ideal for keeping the kids occupied with more age-appropriate fun as well as access to refreshments. There are also places to picnic. Whichever path you, or your family, or group chooses, will definitely be an unforgettable experience of wet fun.

6. Walk thru Hezekiah’s Tunnels – City of David

Walk thru Hezekiah's Tunnels - City of David

Originally built by King David, over 3,000 years ago, and the site of the First, Second and future Third Temple the City of David is considered one of the most important sites in the world. Today, the City of David (Ir David), is an active tourist site, featuring exciting tours to the ancient site, archeological digs, jeep rides, and the famous water hike through Hezekiah’s Tunnels. It is highly recommended that you bring a flashlight and wear shorts. Those walking from the Western Wall should make a left out of the Dung Gate and a right at the first possible turn.

7. Enjoy a Sound and Light Show at the Tower of David

Sound and Light Show at the Tower of David

The Tower of David may be 2,000 years old, but some of its most exciting new features use cutting edge technology to present Jerusalem’s story to their 400,000 visitors per year. The first Night Spectacular opened in October 2008, portraying the story of Jerusalem through images, characters, and sounds that are projected onto the Tower’s walls. The first night show, which has since been revamped, attracted over 2 million guests, illuminating archeological ruins and hidden pathways of the citadel for guests in an enveloping multi-sensory experience that is great for the whole family. Just a 5-minute walk from Mamilla Mall.

8. Float in the Dead Sea

Float in the Dead Sea

No wonder it was nominated for being one of the seven wonders of the world! Visit the lowest (and perhaps one of the most beautiful) points on earth, where you can cover yourself with mud and then float in the sea. Usually visited on the same day as Masada, over 3 million tourists visit the Dead Sea annually. Due to the extreme salinity of the water, make sure to instruct kids not to get the water in their eyes.

Float in the Dead Sea

Or, opt for a unique tour of the Dead Sea and learn about its salt formations and attempts to save Israel’s water treasures through environmental education and advocacy.

9. Swim with Dolphins in Eilat 

Swim with Dolphins in Eilat

Eilat is a must-see resort-like town in the most southern tip of Israel. With an amazing aquarium, scuba diving and snorkeling, you can bring the entire family for some rest and relaxation away from the bustling cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The Dolphin Reef’s park is a great place to kick back and even get the chance to swim with dolphins!

10. Eretz Bereshit/Genesis Land

Eretz Bereshit/Genesis Land

Dress in ancient Biblical fashion trends and ride a camel into the tent of Abraham for some light refreshments. At Eretz Bereishit,(Genesis Land), you will find yourself completely immersed in an incredible Biblical adventure. Lose yourself in an unbelievable ancient experience at Eretz Breishit, only a 20-minute drive outside of Jerusalem near Maale Adumim.

Reprinted with permission from Jerusalem Post

Hebron Fund

Click here to book your spot on The Hebron Fund Tour during your next visit to Israel!

You will come away inspired, rejuvenated, and connected to the Jewish history as well as Hebron’s modern life.


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16 page Calendar
16 page Calendar
  • A free e-book about historical and present day Hebron, exclusively for readers like you.
  • A beautiful 16-month calendar featuring art by local Hebron artists.
  • A limited-edition table tent with  blessing for Shabbat candles, and Yehi Ratzon prayer

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