Katie Hopkins in Israel: Why Jewish youth flock to Hebron from around the world


Jews have been living in Hebron for 3,800 years and view themselves of the “knights of the Cave of the Patriarchs.” Yishai Fleisher, the Hebron Jewish community Spokesperson, states that the Jews are indigenous to Hebron.


The word Hebron comes from the Hebrew word for friend or beloved connection. Hebron is an enduring symbol of the love affair between the couples who are buried here – Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Leah – and between God and Abraham, and between God and the descendants of those couples.

The State of Israel defends the Jewish community of Hebron because the city is historically significant to the Jewish people. The Jewish children in Hebron are raised with a sense of courage and with a sense of living a life of deep meaning and significance.

Jewish People from all over the world flock to Hebron to connect to their roots and history. Jews are hearing the call to return to Israel and are together building the third Jewish commonwealth in the State of Israel. This is an amazing story of the ingathering of the exiles and a real case of Biblical prophecy fulfilled.

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