Biblical Archaeology of Hebron

Photo: The structure of the burial cave corresponds to the Talmud's description.

The Cave of Othniel Ben Knaz

The ancient burial cave of Othniel Ben Knaz, the first judge of Israel has been the site of prayers for generations. Tucked away in what is today a residential street in Hebron is a burial

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Im Tirtzu college student organization pose on the steps of the Ma'arah HaMachepela (Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs)

New Archeology Discovered in Tel Hebron

Just in time for Parshat Chayei Sarah, archaeologists uncover ancient mikvah, Jewish house in Hebron.  (Photo: Veteran Jewish community leader joins group in Hebron.) The Tel Hebron (Tel Hevron) / Admot Yishai neighborhood continues to

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