Mikeitz by Rabbi Moshe Goodman, Kollel Ohr Shlomo, Hebron                                                           בס"ד

לשכנו תדרשו

Discover the Holy Presence in the Holy Land

Everything that Happened to Yosef Happened to Zion 

In the past we have discussed our Sages’ teaching that everything that happened to Yosef happened to Zion, also noting that the numerical value of Zion and Yosef is identical (156). We also mentioned that, according to the Arizal, Hebron is synonymous with Hebron (Shaar Hapsukim Shmuel). Aside from the many prooftexts for this idea provided by our Sages here we would like to illustrate the general story of Yosef vis a vis the story of Zion and Hebron. Yosef is called such after Rachel said “God has äsaf””=Yosef/collected my shame (by giving her a son after many years of anticipation). Also Zion is the homeland of the Jewish People and the return to it is definitely the honor and removal of shame of exile for the Jewish People. Also Hebron stands out as the home-city of our People in our homeland, as it is the first Jewish city, city of our Patriarchs, in this Land. Yosef’s brothers were jealous of him, hated him, and sold him. Unfortunately, and similarly, many people have failed to recognize the lofty value of Zion, as if jealously saying: “why should Zion be any better than other lands?” From the past, since the Sin of the Spies till present there are those that have rejected this Holy Land and/or have “sold” it for personal or even national “comforts”/”needs”. The same is true more specifically about Jewish presence in Hebron, which, as is well known, has been met with especially strong antagonism. Ultimately, the truth will be revealed, and just as Yosef’s brothers repented, the entire world will recognize this Land as the homeland, and Hebron as the home-city, of the Jewish People.

Yosef strikes out as a dreamer and visionary. Indeed, Zion is the Land of Prophecy and Divine Inspiration – “dreams are one sixtieth of prophecy.” Yosef is able to find the uniting theme in the dreams he encounters. Similarly, Zion, the Divine Land, enables us to find the United Divine Plan of the One God in the great plurality of Creation. Hebron too is the first location where Avraham received full-prophecy according to the Zohar – änd Hashem appeared to him in Elonei Mamreh (Hebron).” Also, Hebron means unity (hibur) enabling us to tap into this United Divine Plan. Yosef gives sustenance to the whole world. Similarly, Zion, according to our Sages, is the source of all blessing, and through its blessing all other lands receive blessing and sustenance. Hebron too, City of our Patriarchs, is the source of blessing of our People through the blessed Patriarchs, and Israel, the Blessed People, are the source of Divine blessing to all the nations and countries. Yosef was a leading power. Similarly, Zion provides Israel with the power of leadership and sovereignty, as can be seen through the commandment of appointing a king specifically in the Land of Israel and also through regular logic. Hebron too is the Cradle of Royalty, where the prototype of Jewish leadership, King David, first reigned. May we internalize these similarities between Yosef Zion, and Hebron, and also contemplate further on their similarities, thereby instilling us with comprehension and inspiration towards of future redemption! 

Real Miracles:

The Syrian Army had regrouped east of the Galilee. A Jewish column of 24 homemade armored trucks and cars, on the way to relieve a besieged Kibbutz, took the wrong road and crossed the border into Lebanon. Before they discovered their mistake, they ran head-on into a column of supplies for the Syrian Army in Galilee—dozens of trucks of ammunition, a string of light artillery and 20 new armored cars. The Israelis fired point blank at the first truck—a tanker loaded with gasoline. It exploded and set on fire the following truckload of hand grenades. Rapid repeating explosions were heard for miles around. Terrified, the Syrians abandoned their cargo. The Israelis scarcely had enough men to drive the captured supply train back into Galilee. Finally they reached the beleaguered Kibbutz, only to learn that the Arab besiegers heard rumors that the Jewish army had invaded Lebanon, therefore, the Arabs fled Israel. Source: Israel Nation of Miracles

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