Shoftim 2022


By Rabbi Moshe Goodman, Kollel Ohr Shlomo, Hebron

לשכנו תדרשו

The Star Of David

We see the Star of David, as if blossoming as the “Plant of David” – David, the archetype of all the kings. Indeed, the king is one of the subjects of our Parsha . In the painting, there are six sides and a seventh in the center, an allusion to the number seven representing the sacred in nature, while there is also an allusion to the number eight associated with the supernatural since there are eight circles with six yellow dots that mark the supernatural of eight above the natural seven.

We see various colors for the Sephiroth as codified by the Kabbalists: blue-wisdom, red-bina, green could be Bina or Tefaret, yellow- Tiferet, orange – foundation/yesod, dark blue or Black – kingship/malchut. We see ten small yellow stars on the sides of the painting, probably alluding to ten sefirot. The motif of the kingship is central here and this motif also corresponds to the king’s passage in this parsha. It is possible that since the sefira of the kingdom/malchut receives from all the sefirot above it, then we see all the variety of colors here that correspond to the sefirot, and you also see ten stars corresponding to ten sefirot.
Of course, Hebron is a leading symbol of kingship since from this city, King David, considered the prototype of all kings, began his reign over all Israel.
Much has been written about the meaning of the Star of David. Here are some sources that may be less known:
The Star of David is recognized as a powerful Jewish symbol associated with Jews and Judaism everywhere in the world. The “Star of David” symbol first appeared in a Jewish context in archaeological excavations already in the Bronze Age (the Bronze Age which began in the Middle East in 3,300 BC, i.e. about 5,000 years ago), the “Star of David” also appeared in the seventh century BC (about 2,700 BC year) in a Jewish seal found in Sidon, also found in the excavations of Gezer, Caper Nahum, on coins, in a number of ancient synagogues in the Land of Israel during the Second Temple period and after (in the photo below: “Magn of David” carved from the ancient synagogue in Kfar Nahum. * The “Magn of David” highlighted with an outline for the sake of demonstration). In Antiquities of Megiddo, there is a “Star of David” painted on a wall. According to Prof. Michael Acosta “The Golden Section,”: the “Star of David” from the years 874-853 BC is attributed to the time of King Ahab of Israel (the kingdom was divided into 2: the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel), that is: about 2800 years ago, Namely: several generations after King Solomon who lived about 3000 years ago. (After King Solomon, his son Rehoboam reigned in Judah, and in the kingdom of Israel, the king: Jeroboam. After he reigned in the kingdom of Israel: Nadav, Baasha, Elah, Zimri, Omri, *Ahab).
The symbol of David’s shield is mentioned in the book of Kabbalist Avraham Haim Cohen ( 18th century ), where he writes that on the shields of the kings of Israel was engraved a drawing of a triangle, while on the shields of the House of David was engraved the shape of the Star of David.
This symbol is also known as King Solomon’s seal and was common, also among the Turkmen tribes in Anatolia. For example, the Jandroolo tribe Candaroğlu, whose center was in the city of Sinop , used this symbol. This location is close to the Kuzaran Kingdom, which was known to take on Judaism, and this may be the way this symbol came to be used there. There are commentators who claim that the black lily flower, which consists of six cup leaves in the shape of a Star of David, is actually the lily of the Song of Songs that alludes to the people of Israel .
.Some have seen in the Star of David a combination of the heavenly element that aspires to the earth (the triangle whose apex faces downwards), compared to the earthly element that aspires to heaven (the triangle whose apex faces upward). There are thinkers who said that the Star of David with six points symbolizes the heavenly control over the four spirits of the world and above and below. According to Kabbalah , the Star of David alludes to the lower seven sefirot. Each triangle of the six triangles alludes to a different count, and the hexagonal center of the Star of David alludes to the sefira of “Malcut-the kingdom”, which receives from the six sefirot above it .

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