Support Hebron, Israel’s historical holy city.
It’s key to your heritage and future.

Our Holy Land

Hebron. Our sacred city bequeathed by our forefathers. Many nations tried to erase the Jewish presence in Hebron. Our ancestors defied hostile neighbors, claims to their homes, lack of funds and little awareness of their struggles. Despite the odds, they bravely held on to our biblical city for us.  

Many threats to the Jewish presence in Hebron are still around, but so are you. It is vital to defend Israel and the graves of our ancestors.

This land is your land

Preserve Hebron. Visit Hebron. Support Hebron.

Ma'arat HaMachpela

Our founding parents lived here

The sacred sites of Hebron are solid proof of the Jewish legacy that has been here for thousands of years. They are precious. Guard them.
Maarat Hamachpela

They hold the front line for us

The brave community of Hebron sustains the presence of Jews in our ancestral heartland. Have their backs as they live in a challenging environment, representing you.
Community of Hebron
"The Hebron Fund is the 'hands of the Jewish nation' helping the Jewish Community of Hebron. People all over the world can have a part in strengthening, protecting, and preserving Hebron."
Rabbi Hillel Horowitz
Rabbi Hillel Horowitz
Mayor of Hebron
IDF Soldiers

The heroes who keep us safe

Our soldiers work really hard under challenging conditions. They protect the community. They protect the Machpelah. They protect Hebron. Let’s thank them.
IDF Soldiers
“The Hebron Fund is deeply rooted in the soldiers that serve in Hebron, there are hundreds of soldiers stationed around the city. When a chayal knows that somebody has their back, it allows and gives them the strength to carry out their mission and face the challenges ahead.”
Yoni Bliechbard. Chief Security Officer. Hebron Jewish Community
Yoni Bliechbard
Chief Security Officer and Hebron Resident

Visit, learn, and connect

Experience Hebron for yourself. And with your family. Walk the paths your fathers traveled. Visit their caves Enjoy your parent’s city. You belong here.

Rabbi Hochbaum

Over 1 million visitors
in 2019

Jerusalem Post

Rated top 10 places to visit in Israel

Hebron PR

Stand up for Israel and Hebron.

Arm yourself with facts from Yishai Fleisher, the spokesperson of the people of Hebron. Read articles. Get informed. Create awareness. Educate friends to love and defend our holy city.

The weekly email includes shareable links, articles, pictures and more.

Tourists in Hebron

As seen in:

Even heroes need heroes.

You make a difference in Hebron.

The Hebron Fund is the official sponsor of the Jewish community of Hebron. Every bit you give goes straight towards your homeland, to your parents, and to the guardians of your inheritance. 

Support comes in many ways.

Supporting Hebron is integral to supporting Israel
“I support Hebron since I support Israel. I’ll do whatever I can to support that community. The people have preserved the dignity of the cave.”

Hebron is the soul of the Jewish people
“Hebron is such an important place in the soul of the Jewish People. The brave and dedicated people that see that and secure that deserve support and recognition.”

Hebron is critical to our emotional survival
“I see Hebron as critical to our emotional survival as Jews.”

Hebron is the front line
“I support Hebron since I support those on the front line..”

You want to:

Can you afford to sit idly by and watch Hebron
struggle with the enemies around her?

Stand up for your land. Support the city of our fathers and mothers.

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