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The Soul of the Jewish People

Hebron is such an important location in the soul of the Jewish People.
Yet, many challenge our proven ties to our parent’s resting place.

It is not enough to own Hebron.
In order to lay rights to our land, we need to LIVE in Hebron.

The local residents stand strong, proudly protecting our legacy despite the difficulties. They keep our presence alive in the city of our fathers. They keep our land safe. So you can visit anytime.

Hebron Residents
I live in Hebron as a representative of the Jewish people. My living here helps maintain access to the Ma'arat Hamachpela for all people, at all times.
Yaffa Bleichbard
Hebron Resident

Backing Hebron’s Community

Developing a fledgling community is complicated.

Developing a community despite a fluctuating government, antagonistic neighbors and challenging economic opportunity is a mammoth task.

Turning this community into a thriving town that’s a magnet for over a million tourists yearly is nothing short of miraculous.

This miracle plays out daily in Hebron.
Through donors like you.

With generous funding from friends, through the Hebron Fund, nearly 1,000 distinguished Jewish residents turned Hebron into a beautiful oasis of life.

You sustain the joyful, proud Hebron Jewish Community daily.

"We need to see Hebron strong and vibrant. Not Hebron in survival mode".
Rav Abraham Isaac HacCohen Kook
in a letter he wrote right after the 1929 Hebron massacre
You are not just supporting a community…

You are encouraging the government to keep Hebron in Jewish hands.
You are granting multitudes access to pivotal, holy gravesites.
You are on the front lines of upholding a kind, just humanity.


The Hebron Fund produces concerts and cultural events several times a year.

These performances draw hundreds of thousands, showing the Israeli government how important Hebron is for humanity.

Hebron is more than 100 families who dwell there permanently. It is also about hundreds of thousands Israelis and tourists who care about Hebron and come to celebrate.

Youth Programs

Only 3% of the city of Hebron is accessible to the Jewish community, leaving them constricted to a small area. The Hebron Fund helps the neighborhood children expand their horizons while keeping them productively occupied and safe.
When we provide trips, hot food, after school activities and ordinary, childhood fun, we show our gratitude to the hardy community that keeps our city strong.

Despite the great privilege of living in Hebron, the youth can feel challenged by the ongoing hostility from the Arabs. Not only do we provide spiritual, ideological, and physical support, but the children’s mental well being is important to us as well. Through the structured activities and opportunities to give back to the soldiers, our youth contribute to Hebron in a productive way.
Rav Simcha Hochbaum
Hebron resident and Director of Tourism


The extra security you helped the Hebron Fund provide the community with has literally saved lives. Additional security support is vital during times of heightened violence, particularly when the roads to safe civilization are closed. With your help, the Hebron Fund purchased bullet-proof emergency services vehicles for the community. These transports are responsible for the high survival rate during the latest Intifada.

We are currently setting up security cameras, purchasing EZ raiders and training first responders and a counter-terrorism unit.

The Hebron Fund also coordinates the safety of the neighborhood with the IDF. Everything, from the time the school bus goes through the neighborhoods to the bullet-proof buses that bring tourists, is mapped out to provide maximum protection.

Whoever saves one life, it is as if he sustained an entire world.
Talmud Sanhedrin

Building Maintenance

Most buildings in Hebron date back to the late 1800s. These are historical buildings, and maintaining that is an immense task.

The Hebron Fund laid roofs, replaced pipes and hooked up electricity for many ancient buildings turned into modern dwellings. Courtyards have been repaved, including the Chicago Square, designed with visitors in mind.

Additionally, the Hebron Fund built community infrastructure with the establishment of new synagogues, stores and school buses.

Thanks to your support, many legendary buildings, such as Beit Haddassah, are still standing for generations to enjoy.

Parks and Greenery

During the Jordan occupation of 1948-1967, Hebron fell into disrepair. Ever since a Jewish community returned to Hebron, you have helped them create significant capital improvements.

Lush gardens have been planted and park benches installed, impressing visiting governmental officials. Now, Hebron is noticeably more beautiful and people are proud to support it.

Parks and playgrounds have been built all over the neighborhood, adding life and laughter to the city. Together, we grant the community the basic human rights to live a wholesome life.

Kollel Ohr Shlomo Rabbinical Seminary

With an eye to the future, Kollel Ohr Shlomo Rabbinical Seminary trains future Rabbis and leaders.Located right next to the steps where Avraham purchased Ma’arat HaMachpela, this visionary institution seamlessly combines our past and future.

This Seminary was founded in memory of
Rabbi Shlomo Ra’anan hy”d, grandson of
Rav Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook.

Sponsor Torah Learning in Hebron

Monetary Aid

The community of Hebron is incredibly hardworking and ambitious. Due to their isolated location and diminished economic opportunities, many families still struggle.

We help the community celebrate holidays, pay for child care, host soldiers and help victims of terror.

Through the support of our donors, we aim to build the appropriate business infrastructure to help our Hebron heroes be self-sufficient.

“Because Hebron is such an important place in the soul of the Jewish People, the brave and dedicated people that see that and secure that deserve support and recognition.”

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