IDF Soldiers

The Front Lines of a Safe Hebron

IDF Soldiers
Why is Hebron different?

A hero among heroes.

A soldier protecting Hebron deals with extra challenges.

1. Hebron has a complex dynamic of Jews and Arabs living in close proximity. And not just any Arabs — Hebron hosts a strong Jihadist community affiliated with Hamas. The Israeli soldiers do not only guard the Jews living in Hebron.

They protect hundreds of thousands of tourists a year.

They protect the entire Israel from the Hamas population centers in Hebron.

They protect your inheritance.

2. Hebron is often a hot debate among political factions. Often, our soldiers are harassed by anti-Zionist groups who call for the removal of the Hebron community and the soldiers protecting it. We must give our brave soldiers extra encouragement to hold onto our sacred city.

soldier against maarah
"The Hebron Fund takes care of the soldiers by organizing BBQs and thermal wear for them and replenishing the Soldier Rest Area, Pina Chamah, every morning. It’s a great place for them to relax before and after a mission. When a chayal knows that somebody has their back, it gives them the strength to carry out their mission and face the challenges ahead.
Yoni Bliechbard. Chief Security Officer. Hebron Jewish Community
Yoni Bleichbard
Chief Security Officer of Hebron

A STRONG HEBRON = A STRONG Yehudah & Shomron Israel Jewish nation

Our soldiers in Hebron need your support
Soldier Rest Area

Our founding parents lived here

After a morning spent trying to maintain the peace, there’s nothing like cold drinks, coffee, and snacks in a safe relaxing spot. The Pinah Chama provides a shady and much appreciated place for the hard working soldiers of Hebron to recharge.
Soldiers Rest Area
shabbat package

Shabbat Packages

Every Friday, Hebron residents deliver home-baked goods to soldiers stationed in the area. It is hard to be away from home, but a package with pastries and inspiring words on the weekly Torah portion, gifted on behalf of world Jewry, reminds the soldier that we care.
picture of resident with soldier
Hebron Community + Soldiers = Family
One windy, winter morning, a local Hebron youth group leader delivered hot soup to soldiers near her house. There, she met a handsome chayal proudly defending his country. The rest is history. The couple now lives in Hebron.
The local families go on to forge close relationships with the soldiers they care for. They do their laundry, bring extra care packages and host their families for Shabbat and Holidays.

Soldier BBQs

Our soldiers work really hard under sensitive circumstances. The appreciation BBQs, hosted by the Hebron Fund, lifts their morale and gives them the freedom to enjoy.
Soldiers Welfare

Soldier Welfare

Hebron is situated high up on a mountain, making it chillier than the typical city. By supplying warm thermal garments in the winter and cool apparel in the summer, we make our soldiers’ stay in Hebron as comfortable as possible so they can best fulfill their mission.

They are protecting our city. Let’s protect our heroes.

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