The People behind the Patriarchs and Matriarchs

We are passionate activists who help you—the concerned, pro-Israel supporter, promote a strong Jewish presence in the holy city of Hebron.

Community of Hebron
The Hebron Fund

Proudly continuing tradition in the 21st century

The Hebron Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded in 1979, fifty years after the infamous Hebron massacre

Since ancestral times, Hebron has belonged to the Jewish people. The ancient city contains walls owned by our forefathers that are 4,500 old.

Yet, for over 700 years (1267-1967), Ma’arat Hamachpela was closed off to the Jewish people. Visiting pilgrims and the local community could only walk as far as the seventh step.

One step further and the person was beaten by a club-wielding Arab guard.

modern day maarah

After the Six-day war (1967), the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs once again opened to the Jewish people. Dedicated American Jews then founded the Hebron Fund, a nonprofit American-based organization, to support and maintain the community. For centuries, Jewish communities have raised funds to provide for the community living in the sacred city. We are proud to continue this tradition.

What we do

Sustain Jewish Hebron

Together with our supporters, we improve daily life for the residents and soldiers of Hebron. 

Support Jewish presence We provide financial support to the families who represent us daily in Hebron. We encourage our brave soldiers by providing them with care packages and additional gear. So that Jewish presence is alive and well in Hebron.

Create a vibrant, wholesome city. We fund playgrounds, recreation centers, after-school programs, libraries, and summer youth activities. We sponsor public cultural and educational events in Hebron. So that the valiant families in Hebron have the infrastructure to live a normal life.

Maintain our institutions. We keep the front of the Tomb of Machpela beautiful and accessible. We plant gardens, place benches and develop historical, holy sites around the community. So that our sacred spaces stay open and functional to all.

Educate your community. We run tours and write articles weaving Hebron’s rich, historical Jewish past with present-day experiences. We combat BDS and stand up for Isreal and Judea-Samaria. So that you can take a stand and show the truth.

The Hebron Fund

Meet our team

Teddy Pollak

Teddy Pollak
The Hebron Fund

Rabbi Daniel Rosenstein
Executive Director
The Hebron Fund

Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum
Director of Tourism
The Hebron Fund


Tzippy Rapp
Projects Manager
The Hebron Fund


Sali Cherniak
Projects Coordinator
The Hebron Fund


Alexis Geffen
Special Project Coordinator
The Hebron Fund

Uri Karzen. Director General. Hebron Jewish Community

Uri Karzen
Director General
Jewish Community of Hebron

Yishai Fleisher
International Spokesman
Jewish Community of Hebron

Yoni Bliechbard
Chief Security Officer
Jewish Community of Hebron

Noam Arnon. Spokesman. Hebron Jewish Community

Noam Arnon
Hebron Jewish Community

Office Staff

Ester Arieh – Executive Secretary

National Board

Teddy Pollak, President
Jack Deutsch
Laurie Moskowitz Hirsch
Dr. Frank Rubin
Dr. David Schwalb
Jerry Wolasky
Dr. Yigal Yahav

Emeritus Board

Lenny Gamss
Heddy Klein
Mendy Klein
Jay A. Knopf
Cheryl Jacobs Lewin
Daniel J. Lieberman, Esq.
Rabbi Irwin Pechman z”l
Dr. Gerry Platt
Michael Rosen
Shlomie Ross
Alvin Segal
David Seidemann, Esq.
Dr. Dov Stern
Bernie Thau
Myrna Zisman

Rabbi Daniel Rosenstein joined the Hebron Fund when he made aliya from Long Island over a decade ago. As a non-profit development specialist for over 25 years, Dan’s integrity, entrepreneurial spirit and personable nature help Hebron blossom.

Since most supporters don’t live near Hebron, Dan is their “man-on-the-ground” to maximize donors’ efforts. Returning visitors marvel at how Hebron has developed under Dan’s leadership.
Dan holds an M.S.W. in Community Organization and a Certificate in Jewish Communal Service from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work.

What Hebron means to Dan:

“My first visit to Hebron with my family was on tour with Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum. It changed me—I have never been the same person since. When I’m able to go on a tour, I am happy to pass on the feeling to the tour participants.

“I am humbled to continue in the footsteps of Abraham and the forefathers and mothers and to impact the lives of Hebron’s Heroes – the Jewish Community of Hebron, IDF soldiers and visitors.”

Thousands pass through Hebron yearly, ably guided by Rav Simcha Hochbaum. As the organizer and lead tour guide, Rav Simcha uses songs, stories and his first-hand experiences as a Hebron resident to bring the city of our fathers and mothers to life.

His incredible passion for the holy sites and his commitment to seeing the Jewish community thrive come through when you experience Hebron with Rav Simcha.

When he is not guiding tours around Hebron, Rav Simcha can be found teaching and mentoring American teenagers in Yeshivot and seminaries in Israel.

What Hebron means to Rav Simcha:

“For me Hebron really represents the continuation of 3,800 years of Jewish history. Being part of a very important community that was destroyed and rebuilt, I hope to share my experiences when I guide friends around Hebron.”

Yishai Fleisher is passionate about Jewish Hebron. In his role as international spokesman, Yishai defends Hebron and keeps it relevant, both on a global stage and to the next generation of proud Jews..

Yishai fuses history, spirituality, text and legal sense to show the truth of the Jewish story in Israel. Fueled by the beauty contained on our land, Yishai shows how the Jewish nation contains a gift to the world.

In addition to his role in Hebron, Yishai manges a popular radio station and podcast. On a personal level, Yishai married his wife, Malka Fleisher, in Hebron.

What Hebron means to Yishai:

“A deep connection to the biblical story. The story of Abraham’s purchase. The story of Calev ben Yefuna who fearlessly came to Hebron to reconnect to the Forefathers and Mothers as the Jewish people were about to come into the land of Israel..

“These things are very real for me—my mom imbued me with a deep sense of history. The tenacity of the Jewish people in this town for the last 3 and a half thousand years is something”

Yoni Bliechbard organizes large-scale events in Hebron. The thousands of visitors who come to these events help showcase how important Hebron is to our nation.

Yoni also coordinates security with the IDF for all incoming visitors and residents. From tourist buses to school buses, he ensures the safety of thousands daily.

As a local resident for over 25 years, Yoni works hard to protect his beloved city. He utilizes his vast connections with the army, police and border guards to keep residents and visitors safe.

What Hebron means to Yoni:

“Hebron is the city of our forefathers. It is the heart of Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael. It has a very spiritual feeling.”
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16 page Calendar
16 page Calendar
  • A free e-book about historical and present day Hebron, exclusively for readers like you.
  • A beautiful 16-month calendar featuring art by local Hebron artists.
  • A limited-edition table tent with  blessing for Shabbat candles, and Yehi Ratzon prayer

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