Hebron Tour FAQs

How much does the tour cost and how do I register?
The tour is $50 per person (including children 6 & up). There is no cost for children 5 & under.

During NON-PEAK TRAVEL seasons there is a $250 family-rate for immediate family only (ie spouse and unmarried children; but we cannot offer this to other family members, grandparents and friends).

To register, just go to www.hebronfund.org/tour-hebron, click “view available tour dates” (or click here to view available tour dates), choose the bus date and fill out the form/pay.  After you register you will receive an email with further information.

Where do we meet and how do I find you?
We meet at the David Citadel Hotel. We leave at 9:15am (unless otherwise specified or on Jewish holidays). The address is: 7 King David Street in Jerusalem (near Mamilla Mall).
Please wait outside the hotel on the right side by the 3 flagpoles.
The tour generally returns between 4:30-4:45 (depending on traffic)

Can the bus pick up me and my family on the way to Kever Rachel or Hebron?
Unfortunately, we are unable to do private pickups.

Is there any other place the bus can pick us up?
If arranged in advance, you can usually meet the group at the first stop, Kever Rachel. There is also an option for the bus to pick people up at Tzomet Hagush, however, those individuals will miss our stop at Kever Rachel.

Do I need to reserve a seat in advance?
Yes, all reservations must be made prior to the tour. To check out out tour schedule and to sign up please visit us at hebronfund.org/tour-hebron/ or click here.

Can I pay on the tour?
All tickets must be purchased in advance through our website at hebronfund.org/tour or here. Feel feel to call Yaffa at 052-431-7055 if you get stuck or have any questions.

Reservation Cancellation
We understand that plans change, you have 48 hours prior to the tour to receive a full refund or to change the date of your tour.

Is the payment in USD or NIS
Our online credit card payment is USD

Can I park my car near the bus pick up stop?
Yes, often people park in the Mamilla Mall or Karta Parking lots
(the 2019 pricing was 12nis/hour, subject to change).

Is Hebron safe?

Yes. Safety and security are of the highest priority and taken seriously. Hebron was one of the top 10 most visited sites in Israel last year with over 1-Million visitors! We only use special coach buses and vans that are exclusively for our tour participants. We only go to Israeli controlled areas and all of our tours are approved by the Chief Security Officer of Hebron who coordinates all activities with the IDF. We are networked in real time to national and local security updates.

Who is the tour for?
Visitors of all religious affiliations and backgrounds who wish to visit, connect, and learn about the ancient and modern city of Hebron are welcomed on the Hebron Fund tour!

Is the tour for kids?
YES! Children love coming to Hebron! There’s pizza, ice cream, a chance to meet soldiers, parks, and space to walk around. Kids of all ages will benefit from the tour. The tour rarely spends more than 20 minutes in one location. We encourage the children to use our playground equipment or ask questions at the sites. From the time you get on the bus, the rest of the day is set for you including transportation, restrooms, guide, opportunities to purchase food and a spiritual experience. Plus you’ll be able to take a great family picture on the steps of the Ma’arah!

Is the tour difficult for senior citizens?
In general, the tour is not difficult for senior citizens or families with children. The tour is not recommended for people in wheelchairs or that have difficulty with stairs. Please advise the tour coordinator if you have any concerns.

Can Kohanim go on the tour?
Yes, there is plenty to see as a Kohen. By Kever Rachel they stand right outside. In Hebron a kohen can enjoy the whole tour. The tour will not go through the cemetery, and by Ma’arat HaMachpela, he can daven at the 7th step. We have had lots of Kohenim join the tour. Please write in the comment section that there is a Kohen joining.

Can I bring my stroller?
Yes most places are stroller accessible and there is room under the coach bus to store your stroller.

I am bringing my son/daughter who is becoming a bar/bat mitzvah. Can we recognize them on the tour?
Yes, please let us know ahead of time and we will make the day special for your son or daughter.

Do you offer private tours for an individual, family or group?
Yes, please contact Yaffa at [email protected] or call/ WhatsApp her at 052-431-7055 for more details regarding private tours.

What spots in Hebron does the tour generally cover?
The tour generally includes Tel Hebron, either Beit Hadassah or Avraham Avinu Synagogue and neighborhood, lunch for purchase, and a visit to Ma’arat HaMachpela- The Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs (regular tours include Mincha prayer service).

What should I bring on the tour?
We recommend that you stay adequately hydrated so please bring sufficient water and a hat.

Is lunch included in the cost of the tour?
The cost of lunch is not included in the tour – the Hebron Gutnik Center sells pizza, ice cream, salads, bourekas, sandwiches, snacks and drinks. Additionally, there is an ever expanding menu at the Beit Hadassah Visitors Center. You can also choose to bring your own lunch.

What is the Kosher Certification of the Pizza store?
The Kashrut of the Gutnik Center is Mehadrin Kiryat Arba, and is Cholov Yisroel.

Can I buy souvenirs?
Yes, the Museum and the Gutnick Center both sell Hebron souvenirs.

Are donations tax deductible?
During the tour you will see and hear about the modern day heroes of Hebron. The residents and IDF soldiers are able to protect Hebron with the help of our generous donors. During the tour there will be opportunities to give to this special cause.
Donations to the Hebron Fund are 501c(3) tax deductible in the USA. If you prefer an Israeli section 46a receipt, or Canadian receipt, please inform the guide.

What happens if I need to cancel?
If you need to cancel you can get fully refunded if you give us 48 hours notice. We cannot offer refunds within 48 hours of the tour starting time.

How do I reach the tour staff?
You can email the tour coordinator, Yaffa Brochin at [email protected] or call her at (052) 431-7055. You can also call the office in Brooklyn at (718) 677-6886 during regular NY business hours.

Rav Simcha’s Old City walking tour
For any information regarding Rav Simcha Hochbaum’s Old City tour please contact him directly here or at (052)-431-7257.

NOTE: All of the information above is for general information purposes.
If there are meaningful changes to above, it will be reflected in our correspondence

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