Korach 2023



By Rabbi Moshe Goodman, Kollel Ohr Shlomo, Hebron

This parsha discusses the dire effects of controversy. Therefore we will discuss this painting which seems to take the theme of the opposite, peace and unity. We see here seven dancing hasidim embraced in unity, ascending towards the Temple, known to be a place that unites all Israel, as it says “a city that is united together.” We see six figures on the mountain to the right and six figures on the mountain to the left. This seems to evoke the six tribes of Israel on Mount Gerizim and six tribes on Mount Eival, when receiving the covenant with Hashem and the blessings and curses that ensue due to this covenant. Notice also that the hasidim in the center resemble the Kohanim who were indeed in the midst between the two mountains Gerizim and Eival. Also we see these hasidim taking on angelic status as they rise the “ladder of Jerusalem” seen by Yakov in his dream in which angels ascended such a ladder. In any case, this covenant mentioned that bonds Israel to Hashem also bonds Israel to one another, considering Israel one Nation, “People of the Covenant,” in their connection and mutual responsibility towards Hashem. This, yet again, strengthens the theme of unity in this painting. In a similar way we have the six branches of the Menora, representing the six hundred thousand People of Israel, centered towards the central beam of the Menora, representing the Holy Presence that bonds all Israel together. Indeed, in this panting we see three “fiery en-robed figures” to the right and three to the left, and then there is the central seventh white en-robed figure, I.e the the Temple as covered by a white talis, and “crowned” with three fires. Continuing with the number seven theme, which we saw in the hasidim and the “en-robed figures”, we also see seven leaf-like white doves, three to the right of the heavenly ladder and three to its left. Then, yet again we see that the seventh aspect takes a special status, as the seventh white leaf/dove is seen to as-if “adjoin” in the ascent of the fiery “en-robed figures.”
In the context of the united hasidim we see a cloud with yellow drops which may hint to the anointing oil, a matter that leads us directly to the chapter 133 of Tehilim:
A song of ascents of David. Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brothers also to dwell together!
As the good oil on the head runs down upon the beard, the beard of Aaron, which runs down on the mouth of his garments.
As the dew of Hermon which runs down on the mountains of Zion, for there the Lord commanded the blessing, life forever.
 “Hineh Mah tov u’Mah naim”, the words that this chapter begins, emphasizes the word “mah” which has deep Kabbalistical implications indeed associated with the “middle uniting path.” Indeed, we also see 45 yellow drops [with a whitish center] here.
Of course, Hebron is a dominant factor in bringing unity and peace to our People, for Hebron represents “hibur – unity,” also carrying the common roots of our entire People.

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