Toldot 2023



By Rabbi Moshe Goodman, Kollel Ohr Shlomo, Hebron

The story of the selling of the firstborn right to Yakov in the beginning of this parsha is, according to our Sages, adjacent in time to the burial of Avraham at Maarat Hamachpela. Our Sages say that Yakov made lentils since they were a sign of mourning for the passing of Avraham his grandfather. Therefore, it could be that the inspiration to make this purchase actually came from the first Jewish purchase mentioned in the Torah, the purchase of Maarat Hamchpela mentioned at the beginning of last week’s parsha.
In this painting we see twelve vines seeming to correspond to the twelve tribes which came from Yakov. These tribes may be seen to be an extension of the firstborn right sold to and then given in the form of a blessing to Yakov at the end of this parsha. The vine can be seen as a symbol of blessing, since wine is used in many Jewish rituals where blessing is called for, such as in kidush and havdalah for Shabbat and holidays, at a wedding and circumcision, etc. The juxtaposition of this blessing of the twelve tribes to Maarat Hamchpela seems to hint to the idea that true blessing comes through the unity and adjoinment to the common roots of our People found in Maarat Hamachpela.

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