History of Hebron

(PHOTO: A copy of the 1807 deed and other historic photos are displayed on the walls of the empty Mitzpe Shalhevet building. Temporary tables and chair are set up for the Shabbat Chayei Sarah weekend.)

History of Wholesale Market in Hebron

Purchased in 1807, the neighborhood may finally be redeveloped after a controversial expulsion. It began in modern times with the murder of a baby. The incessant shooting attacks from the Abu Sneinah hills into the

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(Painting: The Grapes of Canaan, c. 1896-1902, by James Tissot, a French painter who visited Israel. Credit: Wiki Commons / The Jewish Museum)

Caleb Visits Hebron (with Video)

Joshua and Caleb were in the minority of the twelve scouts in encouraging the Jewish nation to return to the Land of Israel. In the weekly Torah portion of Shlach, Moses sent the twelve scouts

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Pictures of The Six

Beit HaShisha and ‘The Six’

The 17th of the Hebrew month of Iyar marks the anniversary of the murder of “The Six.” On May 2, 1980, six young men were murdered in an ambush attack outside the historic Beit Hadassah

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Rabbi Goren holding the Israeli flag as he liberated Hebron in June of 1967

The Return to Hebron, 1967

  Who was the first Israeli to return to Hebron in 1967? The Moslems in  control of the building refused to permit Jews into the Cave of the Machpela. Jews were allowed to pray outside,

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