Cave of the Patriarchs (Machpelah): History, Structure, and Spiritual Significance

The Cave of Machpela

The Cave of Machpela has an ancient history dating back to the earliest man and woman in the Bible.  Adam and Eve are said to be buried in the cave, the first of four couples to be buried there. The Cave of Machpela and the field around it were Abraham’s first acquisition in the Land … Read more

The Purchase of Maarat Hamachpela: A Guide for Acquisition

Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs

The purchase of the Cave of the Machpela, as the first land purchase in the Land of Israel, is used by our sages as the prototype for the Laws of Acquisition. Our sages point out that the lesson of the Torah story of the purchase describes four different methods by which land can be acquired. … Read more

Inside the Caves of Machpela

Caves of Machpelah

The yearning to enter and pray in the Caves of Machpelah has existed within the Jewish People for centuries. Scores of Jews braved many trials and tribulations in order to reach Hebron. However only a very few were privileged to enter the building covering of the Caves themselves. As is well known, the Arabs prevented … Read more

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