Get a glimpse into the preparation of the Isaac Hall for Slichot prayers

preparing for prayer

Despite the fact that the founding fathers and mothers of the Jewish people, Abraham & Sarah, Isaac & Rebekkah and Jacob & Leah are buried in the Cave, Jews, Christians and non-Muslims are restricted from visiting and praying by the Tombs of Isaac and Rebekkah all but 10 days a year. This video shows Jewish … Read more

Visit the Cave of the Patriarchs- ( Machpela) in Hebron with Yehudah Glick

Visit the Cave of the Patriarchs

The Cave of the Patriarchs has been standing and in use for over 2,000 years! The massive tomb structure was built by Herod, who also built, Massada, Herodian, Caesaria Port, and parts of the Temple in Jerusalem, including the Western Wall. The Cave of the Patriarchs stands over the tomb which Abraham purchased, as recorded … Read more

The Purchase of Maarat Hamachpela: A Guide for Acquisition

Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs

The purchase of the Cave of the Machpela, as the first land purchase in the Land of Israel, is used by our sages as the prototype for the Laws of Acquisition. Our sages point out that the lesson of the Torah story of the purchase describes four different methods by which land can be acquired. … Read more

Inside the Caves of Machpela

Caves of Machpelah

The yearning to enter and pray in the Caves of Machpelah has existed within the Jewish People for centuries. Scores of Jews braved many trials and tribulations in order to reach Hebron. However only a very few were privileged to enter the building covering of the Caves themselves. As is well known, the Arabs prevented … Read more

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